Our Vision Strategy as Naioth Institute is:

  • A vision for your vision
    • Our objective is to launch and establish your vision
  • A covering for your vision
    • Our heartbeat is to provide covering and endorsement to your vision
  • A friend to your vision
    • Our purpose is to establish covenant relationship with your vision
  • A bridge to the Body of Christ
    • Our mission is to open doors for over established works in the body of Christ
  • A networking strategy
    • Our mandate is to network by combining resources, diversities of gifting and graces
  • Apostolic Strategy
    • Apostolic Churches in Theocratic Structures (ACTS) ...Church Planting and Establishing
    • Recognize, Raise and Release 3R’s Programmes (Fathering, Mentoring and Covering)
    • Co-operate Gatherings (Seasonal gatherings and annual Summits)
    • Ministry Schools
    • Resource Centre (Library)
    • International Ministry
    • Networking (with Churches, Ministries and Organisation)

Connecting to the Atmosphere of Transformative Leadership