Our principles for ordination:

  • We view ministerial licensing and ordination as an affirmation of a leaders call to a lifetime of ministry, which gives the person the right to perform the duties of the office and any other ministerial functions within the scope and practices of the Network.
  • The network holds the authority to license and ordain and is spiritually responsible for all licensed and ordained persons and their spiritual training.
  • In most cases, we prefer a person to be involved in active ministry and they must be in direct relationship with us before considered for ordination
  • We ordain both men women for we believe there is no question biblically or historically that women can and should be involved in ministering to the body of Christ, we affirm the need for women’s perspective in ministry and church life
  • To be ordained, the person must already be known by the Network or set man and be regarded as having vision, character and anointing
  • And it is of the utmost importance that all those who join the network share the same vision of purposely bringing many sons to Glory.
  • The real members of the network are full-time ordained ministers who lead a church, a ministry or a mission.
  • We believe strongly in releasing mature ministries into the nations of the world to fulfill the great commission.

Connecting to the Atmosphere of Transformative Leadership