Ten fold important features about Naioth Institute:

  • This is a network of Churches, ministries, fivefold ministers and Organizations that are embracing present day truth particularly those that are Prophetic and Apostolic in nature.
  • The network is for those who build covenantal partnerships, we believe in relationships and team ministry
  • Our heartbeat as a Network is to gather a new breed of preachers and leaders whom the Lord is raising as catalysts, reformers, pioneers, and act as prophetic and apostolic voices in this generation.
  • To minister God's predestine seasons under an Open Heaven, i.e. Restoration, Reformation and Revival
  • The network will serve as a resource centre to the five fold ministries built on the foundation of prophets and apostles by providing books and manuals for teaching, training, mentoring, maturing those called into ministry and market place leadership.
  • The main purpose of the network is to propagate the prophetic and the apostolic, and release these ministries into the world because that is our greater calling and emphasis, whilst simultaneously propagating and supporting the development and leadership of evangelistic,pastoral and teaching ministries
  • Our commission from Christ is to bring the full restoration and recognition of prophets and apostles back into church ministry and structure as foundational ministries Ephesians 2v20.
  • To help bring the Body of Christ into order, unity and maturity according to Ephesians 4v 13-16
  • To equip the saints for the work of ministry Ephesians 4v12. as part of preparing the church/bride for Christ second coming as a church/bride holy and blameless before him Ephesian5v27
  • To bring about the full restoration of the corporate body of Christ by proclaiming present truth for the purpose of establishing dynamic, growing local churches, building on the restored foundational ministries of the apostles and prophets.

Connecting to the Atmosphere of Transformative Leadership