• We believe strongly in the principle of tithing and offering, when Malachi said bring the tithe into the storehouse we think it means just that.
  • The storehouse is where you feed from or your covering
  • Congregations must transition from the law of tithing to the spirit of tithing by being an example in this respect.
  • We are of the opinion that the treasury of a local congregation must tithe of her whole income received, this is a divine principle, if followed it will provide supernatural blessings naturally and become the genesis of a continuous lifestyle of giving.
  • By tithing the Lord is acknowledged as the source and provider of all income-the scripture are emphatic, the tithe is the Lord.
  • According to Malachi it provides protection and insurance against the devourer. The tithe principle is the school master instructing and nurturing a lifestyle of giving.
  • According to the principle of tithing, the tithe must go to the storehouse. In essence, the storehouse in the Old Testament was not a magnificent temple but the priest who worked in the Temple.
  • According to the Old Testament, the tithe was used to pay them salaries to ensure that they lived comfortable lives.
  • There is no record in scripture of the tithe being used primarily for the building of the Temple- this was done from special offerings taken.
  • In the New Testament, the personnel who labour among the people are the storehouse-when people bring their tithes, it is to primarily sustain and provide for those who supply spiritual sustenance among them.
  • From this, we glean a principle that the tithe must be given to the storehouse. In context the local congregations, the tithe must go to the storehouse(s) of that congregation
  • This begs the question to be asked: who are our storehouses? Who are the ministries that give us care, sustenance and provision?
  • The storehouse is not mission organizations, charities, airfares for traveling into mission fields and so forth.
  • Just as those who minister into the congregation be remunerated.
  • Therefore the storehouse can be a network, a denomination, an apostle or ministry which they submit to and from which they receive spiritual instruction • Lastly no one is exempted from this principle, all must tithe

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