Principles for affiliation and accountability systems:

  • First from our perspective, Naioth Institute describes a group of ministers, churches and other special ministries who are interrelated together to link their vision resources, products and people in one unified purpose.
  • A name and organized structure are established to provide levels of leadership responsibility to fulfill the vision, purpose and ministry of Naioth Institute as a whole.
  • Churches and Ministries retain their autonomy, but are also required to be accountable within the network structure.
  • The visionary apostolic leader and the governing leadership provide mutual accountability.
  • All Naioth ordained ministers maintain accountable relationships with the Leadership
  • Affiliation involves the set-man or a leader/minister not necessarily his church or ministry
  • The real members of the network are full time ordained ministers who lead either a church or a ministry or a mission, their actual churches, ministries and missions are not under the covering of the network they are autonomous, however ministers are accountable to the network in all areas.
  • In other words within the context of the person’s church, ministry or mission that person has the ultimate responsibility and authority, we believe that God has set a vision bearer and a leader in every church and that person is responsible for the leadership and affairs of that church.
  • In essence we do not own or control ministers and theirs churches or ministries but we provide spiritual covering to ministers for the purposes of accountability and relationship without owning or controlling their churches or ministries, their churches or ministries remain autonomous
  • Affiliation is open to all those who hearts has been stirred by the lord to propagate the prophetic and the apostolic in this generation
  • It is of the utmost importance that all those who join in covenant with us share the same vision, AT LEAST THEY MUST BELIEVE IN THE FULL RESTORATION OF APOSTLES AND PROPHETS IN THE CHURCH.
  • Lastly commitment, integrity and accountability are required in Naioth Institute

Connecting to the Atmosphere of Transformative Leadership